This article explains how to setup an Assignment Submission Folder. The Assignment tool allows course instructors to collect electronic files, helping to track student submissions and eliminating the need to collect printed assignments. The Assignments tool allows instructors to download assignment submissions to a computer or view the submissions in the document viewer. Instructors can attach rubrics and return submissions with grades and feedback.

Setting up an Assignment Submission Folder

Navigate to the Assignment tool by clicking 'Assessments' in the NavBar and selecting 'Assignments' from the menu.

On the Assignments page, click “New Submission Folder.”

Enter a “Name” for Assignment folder.

Select the “Folder Type.”

Individual submission folder – Each user submits files and the files assessed individually. This is the typical setup.

Group submission folder – Any member of a group can submit to a group folder. Group members are given a common grade when an Assignment folder item is evaluated. Groups must be setup first to enable this submission type.

Select, or create, a “Category” for the Assignment folder. Categories are optional. They can help to organize Assignment folders. To create a new category, click “New Category.”

If you wish to link the Assignment to an item in Grades, select the item from the drop-down menu, or create a new item now by clicking “New Grade Item.”

Enter an “Out Of” points for the item. If you are linking the Assignment to a Grade item, be sure the “Out Of” score matches the point value in the Grade book for accurate grade calculations.

If desired, you can attach a D2L Rubric by clicking “Add Rubric” or selecting a “Default Scoring Rubric” from the drop-down menu. For more information on D2L Rubrics, see the Rubrics Setup article.

Enter your “Instructions” for the Assignment (optional).

If desired, you can also attach a file (such as an external rubric or instruction document) by clicking “Add a File.”

Set the “Submission Options.”

        Files allowed per submission folder:
  • Unlimited – Users may submit multiple files to the same Assignment folder.
  • One file per submission – Users may submit to an Assignment folder only once.

  • All submissions are kept – If using “unlimited”, the system will keep all files.
  • Only the most recent submission is kept – If using “unlimited”, each new submission will replace the current file.
  • Only one submission allowed – if using “one file per submission”, choose this option.

To add date restrictions, release conditions, or special access, navigate to the “Restrictions” tab. For more information on restrictions and release conditions, see the Release Conditions article or Restrictions article.

Click “Save and Close” to return to the Assignments page.