This article describes how to evaluate student Assignment submissions and publish scores to Grades. In order to evaluate a student submission, you'll need to set up an assessment for the Assignment. If you wish for the grades to transfer to the D2L grade book automatically, you also need to link the Assignment to a grade item. For more information on Assignment setup, including how to link it to Grades, see the Assignment Setup article.

Evaluating Assignment Submissions

Assignment submissions will be displayed on the “Folder Submissions” page for each Assignment folder. To access the “Submissions” page, click on the name of the Assignment folder.

On the “Submissions” screen, you will see each user that has submitted to the folder, followed by the submission. Submissions that have not been read yet will appear in bold font. To open a submission for evaluation, click on the name of the submission.

The selected submission will open in the document viewer within D2L. You can review the document in the viewer or you can download it to your computer by clicking the "Download" button in the upper right of the viewer.

Next to the document, on the right, you will find document details. At the top, you will find the current student information, the Assignment folder information, and availability dates.

Below the document details, there is an area for “Evaluation.” Enter a numeric score in the “Score” field. Then, enter any personalized text feedback in the “Feedback” field.

You can also attach a file (such as a document or image) or record audio / video feedback.

To publish your feedback to the student immediately, click “Publish.” This will update the student’s score in the Assignment area, provide the written feedback, and automatically transfer their score to the grade book.

To save the score and feedback for later, click “Save Draft.” This is used when you wish to evaluate all student submission before releasing scores and feedback. If you choose “Save Draft,” you will need to complete the next step before the feedback is released to the student.

You can navigate to other student submissions in the Assignments folder by using the “Previous Student” or “Next Student” buttons in the top left and top right of the screen. If you want to return to the submission list page, click the blue “Back to Folder Submissions” button in the top right of the screen.

If you did not publish each student score individually after evaluating a submission, you can now publish all scores and feedback for the selected Assignment at one time. To publish saved feedback, select all student submissions by clicking the “Select All” check box and then clicking “Publish Feedback.”