This article outlines the process of manually adding and removing course participants via the Classlist. Users with an instructor role in a course can enroll any ohter KU users in that course. All official enrollments are processed twice daily via MyKU.

Adding Participants to a Course

Navigate to the Classlist by clicking "Communications > Classlist" in the navigation menu. 

On the Classlist page, click the “Add Participants” button and select “Add Existing Users” from the drop-down menu.

Search for a user by typing the user’s name, ID number, or username (email address) in the field. Click the magnifying glass icon to search.

The results will appear. Check the box that corresponds to the desired user. In the “Role” column, set the desired role for the user and choose the appropriate section. Even if your course does not have sections, you may need to choose the main course from the drop down menu to continue. Click “Enroll Selected Users” to add them to the course.

Available Roles:

  • Course Assistant: Can view all course content (including restricted contented). Can post announcements. Cannot see grades.

  • Lab Assistant: Course Assistant role, but adds the ability to use Attendance, see and grade quizzes and assignments.

  • Grade Assistant: Can enter grades, post announcements items, see restricted content. Can see and and grade quizzes and assignments.

  • Interpreter: A copy of the student role; used to distinguish students who are assisting students with disabilities.

  • Guest Instructor: Can view all course components (announcements, assignment submissions, discussions, quiz submissions, groups, and limited user progress), but not edit or remove any material.

  • Librarian: Is limited to viewing, creating, and replying to all topics and posts within course discussions. Cannot edit/remove topics/posts. Can only view course content and Classlist.

  • External Team Members: This role is meant for NON-GRADED students and provides access to the following areas: Content, Calendar, Announcements, Classlist, Discussions, Lockers, Assignment Folders.

  • Tutor: Copy of student role, except cannot be graded.

On the confirmation page, click “Done” to return to the Classlist.

Removing Participants

On the Classlist page, select the checkbox next to the user that you wish to remove. Then, at the top of the page, click the “Unenroll” option.

A window will appear asking you to confirm the enrollment. Click “Yes” to complete the process.