This article explains the process of manually transferring student quiz scores to Grades.

When Do I Need to Manually Publish Quiz Scores?

  • If you are utilizing a quiz that requires manual grading, for example quizzes that contain long answer question.

  • If scores need to be updated after changing an answer or question in a quiz.

  • If any students took an auto-graded quiz before the quiz was linked to the grade item, or before the “allow automatic export to grades” and “allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion” boxes were enabled.

Manually Publish Quiz Score to Grades

Click the “Action Arrow” next to the quiz name and select “Grade” from the list.

Scroll to the bottom of the page. A list of user’s that have attempted the quiz (and their quiz scores) will be displayed.

To publish individual scores, check the box in the “Published” column for each user. Then, click “Save and Close.”

To publish all users, check the “Select All” box above the table and then click the “Published” icon.” Be sure to click “Save and Close.”

To republish scores (after updating questions or scores), follow the process above to unpublish scores first and then repeat to re-publish.