This article covers the process of creating group or individual wikis in Campus Pack.

Creating Groups

You can create random or selective groups using D2L Group. For more information on creating D2L Groups, see the Setting up Groups article.

D2L Integration

Groups created in D2L do not currently transfer to Campus Pack tools. Even if you have already created your groups in D2L, you will need to re-create them in Campus Pack.

You can print or write down the names of each group member in a D2L group by clicking on the number found in the “Members” column of the Group tool.

Creating the Wikis

If you have not already done so, you will need to create a separate Wiki for each group or individual. For detailed instructions on creating Wikis, see the Wiki article.

Once a Wiki for each group has been created, enter the first Wiki to begin adjusting the Permissions for the group members.

Changing Wiki Permissions

Click the “Settings” button and choose “Permissions” from the list.

On the “Permissions” page, you will see three tabs at the top:

  • Viewers are individuals that can see the Wiki, but not edit it. By default, the entire class can view a Wiki. The course name will be under “Viewers” to indicate this setting.
  • Authors are individuals that can edit and post to the Wiki. By default, the entire class will be able to author a Wiki.
  • Owners are the course instructors. It is recommended that you do not change the permissions for this category.

To change the default viewing setting (everyone enrolled in the course can view the Wiki), click on the “Viewers” tab. Highlight the name of the course, found in “The Viewers” box, and click “Remove.” Once removed, no one will be able to see the Wiki, except course instructors. Proceed to the next step to add back the select users that should be able to see the Wiki.

Tip: Many instructors use Wikis for group projects. During the development phase, instructors typically want only the group members to be able to view and edit their own Wikis. However, after all the Wikis are completed, instructors often open the Wikis to allow the entire class to view each group’s Wiki. The easiest way to accomplish this is to leave the entire class as viewers for each Wiki, but set a date restriction for after the Wiki due date. This way, the course instructor does not have to go back and edit the permissions again when it is time to open the Wikis to the class for viewing.

Using your list of group members, select each individual user that needs to view the Wiki and add their name from the “Add Viewers” menu.

  • In the first column, click on the name of your course.
  • In the second column, double-click on the name of each user that should be able to view this Wiki. As you double-click on each user, their name will be added to “The Viewers” box above.
  • Once all viewers have been added, click “Save and Exit” to return to the Wiki main page.

Repeat this process to change the Permissions for each additional Group Wiki.

To add Authors for the Wiki, navigate to the “Author” tab and follow the same process as adding Viewers.

More About Wiki Permissions

  • Create private Group Wikis:
    • Only the group members will be able to see the Wiki.
      • Permission settings:
        • Viewers = individual group members
        • Authors = individual group members

  • Create public Group Wikis
    • Only the members of a particular group can edit the Wiki, but everyone in the course can view it.
      • Permission settings:
        • Viewers = Entire class (you can restrict the Wiki so that the class cannot view group wikis until they are complete.)
        • Authors = Individual group members