Campus Pack is a set of collaborative external learning tools. Common tools include wikis, journals, and blogs. If your instructor is using Campus Pack, they will include a link within the D2L course. This article explains how to access and create content in Campus Pack.

Accessing a Wiki, Journal, or Blog

A link to the Journal, Blog, or Wiki will appear within a content module in D2L. To access the tool, click on the link.

Campus Pack will either open inside D2L or in a new window/tab. On the main page, under “Content”, there will be links to the available tools. Click on the appropriate tool to open it.

The main page for the tool will appear. In this document, a Wiki is shown. To add a new page, click the “New Page” button.

Provide a page name and click “Add Page.”

Create the page content using the HTML Editor. You can add images and other media with the HTML Editor media tools. When you are finished creating content, click “Save & Exit” to publish the page to the Wiki.

To edit an existing page, click the “Edit” button found in the top right corner of the page.

To delete a page entirely, enter the edit screen and then click the trashcan icon ion to the right of the title.

Repeat Steps 1-5 to create additional pages. To move between pages, click on the “Page” button and then select the desired page from the menu.

Journals and Blogs use the same interface and follow the same general procedures for creating content, but may contain different terms and buttons.