The Campus Pack Podcast tool allows instructors and students to add audio and/or video podcasts for speaking and listening assignments. This article explains how to setup a podcast space for your course. For information on recording a podcast, view the Creating an Audio / Video Podcast article.

Adding a Podcast Space to a Course

Enter the Content module that will house the podcast link to Campus Pack. Click "Existing Activities" and choose "External Learning Tools" from the list.

Select "Campus Pack Collaboration Space" from the list of external learning tools.

The link will appear in the module. Click on the link to enter Campus Pack.

Creating a New Podcast Space

On the Campus Pack course homepage, locate the "Content" portal and click "Add Content."

Choose "Podcast" from the list of learning activities.

Enter a title for the podcast. This could be the name of the assignment. Also enter an optional description.

If you want to tie the assignment to D2L Grades, check the box, enter a name, points possible, and determine if students will see the grades.

Click "Add." The podcast space is now ready for students to create content in. If you want to create your own podcast, follow the same steps as students: Creating an Audio / Video Podcast article.

By default, the podcast space is open to the entire course. All course participants will be able to see podcasts created within the space. If you desire a private space where a student can view only his/her own podcasts, follow the instructions below to set the permissions.

Setting Permissions for Private Podcasts

With these settings, students will be able to create new podcasts, but only view the podcasts that they have created. They will not be able to see their classmates' podcasts. The instructor of the course will be able to view all podcasts.

Enter the podcast space for the particular assignment. Click "Settings" and choose "Permissions."

On the Permissions page, navigate to the "Viewers" tab. Click "Customize."

In the permissions settings, uncheck the box "View Any Episode."

Now navigate to the "Authors" tab. Click "Customize."

Again, uncheck the box "View Any Episode." Be sure to click "Save & Exit" at the bottom of the page.