The Campus Pack Podcast tool allows instructors and students to add audio and/or video podcasts for speaking and listening assignments. This article explains how to create a podcast for an assignment when requested by the instructor. This feature will only work if the course instructor has created a podcast space to collect assignments.

Record and Submit a Podcast

In the Content area of your course, find the module with the "Campus Pack Collaboration Spaces" link and click on the link. If you cannot locate the link in your course, please contact your instructor.

On the Campus Pack course homepage, click on the assignment name under "Content."

On the assignment page in Campus Pack, click the "New Episode" button.

Provide a name for the podcast episode.

Select "Record Media."

You can also upload media from your computer that you may have created using another tool. Click Upload Media to add it.
When you select "Record Media", you will likely be prompted by your browser to allow access to your computer's microphone. Choose to allow the sharing.
Note: This may look different depending on your browser and operating system.

Click "Record" to begin recording your voice.
Tip: Once you click "Record", wait 2 seconds before speaking so your voice is not cut off.

If the record button is not available, your browser is likely blocking access to your computer's microphone. Try enabling microphone access in the browser settings or trying another browser.

When you are finished recording, click "Stop."
Tip: After you stop speaking, wait 2 seconds before clicking stop so your voice is not cut off.

Scroll down to enter a description or transcript of your podcast (optional).

Set the availability of the podcast by clicking "Available." To make the podcast available indefinitely (recommended), leave the dates empty. Click "Save & Exit" to post your podcast assignment.

Review a Podcast

You will always be able to view podcasts that you created. Depending on the assignment settings, you may also see classmates' podcasts. Follow these steps to view podcasts.

On the Campus Pack assignment page, click on a podcast episode.

Click the "Play" icon to hear the podcast.

Troubleshooting and Podcast Notes

Here are some important ideas to keep in mind about the podcast tool:

  • In-browser recording works best with Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. If you are having trouble recording your podcast, try Firefox or Chrome. If you still have difficulty recording, you may need to update Java.

  • The video podcast feature currently only works in Firefox. If you the video feature is not working, be sure to try Firefox.

  • Audio files should be uploaded in MP3 format in order to stream and play across all devices. .WAV and .AIFF files can be uploaded, but must be downloaded for playback. Video files should be uploaded in MP4 in order to stream and play across all devices. .WMV and .MOV files can be uploaded, but must be downloaded for playback.