Our fully customizable, D2L-ready online course template is ready for your content. The template is a Quality Matters©-based framework for your online, on-campus or hybrid course, and can be uploaded directly into D2L. This template provides an easily navigable, student-friendly structure, and does not limit your content or how you choose to deliver it. It is the perfect complement to your TOCC training!

The template includes:

  • Course Information module: sample pages that provide information about course communication, the instructor, schedule, rubrics and more.

  • Course Orientation module: sample pages that provide information about course navigation, etiquette and a link to the KU D2L eLearning student orientation.

  •  Student Support Resources module: pages with links to important technology and resources such as the Academic Honesty policy and Disability services.

  •  Weekly module: a fully customizable, sample basic weekly course structure based upon the Quality Matters Rubric. Within each of the pages is a description and an example of how it may be constructed.

For more information on how to obtain a template for your course, please contact Jared Green, or complete the request form.

Template Information

The course template that will be added to your course shell contains one sample module for the first week/module of your course. This guide details how to add additional templates for the remaining weeks/modules. Once you receive confirmation that the template has been added to your course, follow the steps below to add more templates.

Step 1: Enable HTML Templates in the Course

Navigate to "Content."

On the right side of the Content screen, click "Settings."

Under the "Content Authoring" heading, activate "Enable HTML Templates."

A "Template Path" will appear. Click the "Change Path" button.

Select the "Templates" folder and then click "Select Path."

Click "Save" to return to Content.

Step 2: Create a New Module

In the "Table of Contents," click inside the "Add a module..." box and type the name of your new module. When finished, press "Enter" on your keyboard.

Step 3: Create a New Page and Open the Template

Enter the module that you just created in the previous step. Inside the module, click "Upload / Create" > "Create a File."

Give the page an appropriate name. For example, “Week 2 Lesson Topics.” Then click the “Select a Document Template” button and choose the corresponding template. The page will populate with the template information. Add/remove/alter the page as needed.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for each module and/or page that you want to create in the course.