Wx is a small utility application developed by Mahmoud Amer, a faculty member at West Chester University, that allows users to easily import a text formatted quiz into D2L Wx allows users to quickly create or import the following question types: multiple choice, true/false, multi-select, and short answer.

Download Wx

You can download the utility from Mahmoud's Google Drive. The utility will work from any location on the computer. It does not need to be "installed." If the application will not open, you may need to install Adobe Air.

Required Format

The utility requires a simple text format. Follow the format template that displays when you first open the software. Take special note that there are no numbering or lettering for the questions or the options. It's just the question text, followed by the choices, each appearing on their own line. There is one blank space between questions.

You'll notice that the correct answer is to always be listed first. Don't worry - the utility automatically randomizes the answers when it generates the csv file for import, so the correct answer will NOT always be the first option for students!

Multiple-Select questions are designated with MS before the question. Short-Answer questions are designated with SA before the question text. These two-letter abbreviations will carry over to the csv file, and then the quiz. You can remove them from the csv file before importing into D2L, or edit the question text for those questions in D2L.

Multiple-Select questions still have all of the correct answers appear on the first line after the question. Each correct answer is separated by two semi-colons (::).

Creating a Quiz with Wx

  1. Setup a new quiz in D2L. For now, just give the quiz a title and then proceed to the next step.

  2. Create/type your questions (or copy and paste from NotePad [Windows] or TextEdit [Mac]) in the Wx application, ensuring the format matches the format on the template.

    Note: Microsoft Word often uses unique formatting that may cause errors. It is recommended that you create/type you questions directly in the Wx utility or copy and paste out of NotePad or TextEdit. If you are copying your questions from Word or the internet, it is recommended that you paste them into NotePad or TextEdit first to strip the formatting. Then copy the questions out of NotePad into the Wx utility. However, if you still receive an error, try typing directly in Wx or NotePad/TextEdit.

  3. Once all questions have been created, click the "Quiz/Exam" button to create the file.

  4. Save the csv file that it creates to your computer.

  5. Return to D2L. Click the "Add/Edit Questions" button and choose the "Import" option.

  6. Select the csv file that you saved to your computer. Your questions will appear once the import is complete.

  7. Finish the quiz setup by adding any grade associations or date restrictions. As always, don't forget to make the quiz active!


Watch the video training below.

Watch the video full screen!