D2L is KU’s learning management system and is used to deliver online and supplement face-to-face courses. D2L is very user friendly and can be used from any computer. D2L supports most modern web browsers, however the most recent versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome work best. 

Please view the following series of short videos to help you get started in D2L. In addition to these videos, KU provides a D2L Solution Center, a 24/7 fully searchable knowledge base that contains self-help articles on all the D2L tools and topics. 

If you have a question about D2L or experience an issue, please contact the KU IT/D2L Help Center at helpcenter@kutztown.edu or 610-683-1511. 

To get started with this orientation, click "Play" to view each video below. You can start and stop a video at any point.

Pin and Activate Your Courses for Students

When using D2L for the first time, you may need to search and pin your courses to your homepage. Every KU course has a D2L course site already created.  Instructors need to activate each of their courses before students will be able to access them.

Watch an overview video on how to find, pin, and activate your courses:


Create an Announcement to Communicate with Students

Use the Announcements tool to communicate course updates with your students. The Announcement area is the first thing students will see when they open your course.


Watch an overview of the Announcement tool:



Information on additional announcement features is available here!


Send an Email to your Class

You can send your entire classlist an email message (with attachments).

Watch an overview of how to email your classlist:

Share Files with Students by Uploading Content to D2L

You can use the Content tool in D2L to quickly share files with your class. 

Watch an overview of how to upload files to content:

Information on additional Content features is available here!

Use D2L Discussions for Student Engagement

You can use the Discussion area to hold virtual discussions with your students.


Watch an overview of the Discussion tool:


Information on additional discussion features is available here!

Collect and Provide Feedback on Student Work with D2L Assignments

You can use the D2L Assignment tool to virtually collect student work and provide individual feedback.

Watch an overview of the Assignment tool:

Information on additional Assignment features is available here!

Assess Student Outcomes with D2L Quizzes (Tests)

You can use the D2L Quiz tool to assess student learning outcomes. 

Watch an overview of the Quiz tool:

Information on additional Quiz features is available here!

Track and Calculate Student Scores with D2L Grades

You can use the D2L Grades tool to track student progress and scores.

Watch an overview of using the D2L Grades tool for points-based grade books:

Watch an overview of using the D2L Grades tool for weighted grade books:

Information on additional Grades features is available here!